Starting Point
New Member's Class

Our Starting Point Class is offered to all who are considering joining the membership of Jacksonville Bible Church. The goal of this course is to show from the Scriptures that God calls Christians to be healthy members of healthy churches.

Certainly, we would love if everyone who took this course would join our church – but the goal of this class is not to get new members. Rather, the goal is to clearly explain the Scriptures and help everyone find a church that they can join and become a faithful part of.

If you are interested in membership, please contact our elders. 

Session 1 - Beginning the Journey - The Gospel and Our Response

Session 2 - Continuing the Journey - Sanctification

Session 3 - Understanding the Journey - Doctrine

Session 4 - The Journey Together - The Local Church

Session 5 - Participating on the Journey - Service & Stewardship

Session 6 - Care Along the Journey - Leadership

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